Teaching in Simple Logical Steps

Developed for teachers and parents to enable beginners and struggling readers to unlock the English spelling code, in simple logical steps that promote understanding.


Please find some collated testimonials below. Many more are available by category here.

It has revolutionised my own understanding of spelling and how it works.

– Key Stage 2 Teacher

I did not know how to teach reading and spelling and now I do!

– Key Stage 2 Teacher

This is the most worthwhile course I have ever been on.

– Primary School Teacher

I felt helpless with flawed readers – now I feel inspired!

– YOI Tutor

Guess what! When I first came to you I could not read. Now I can read Harry Potter books!

– Nine year old child

His whole attitude to school-work and learning has charged… His confidence has grown immensely… He is generally a more happy boy.

– Parent

SRS is by the far best programme available – it is pretty much foolproof. Teaching pupils the knowledge of how spoken sounds are represented on the page enables nearly all students to read and and spell accurately, including many pupils in Special Schools.

– Iffley Academy, Oxfordshire

I’ve been thrilled with the effect that SRS has had on reading and spelling in our school.

– Christchurch Primary School, Chelsea, London