Training in the Sound Reading System

Information on our training courses, teaching materials and some of the feedback we have received.

Teaching Materials

The Teachers’ Handbook offers comprehensive information on the English alphabet code and how to teach it.  Diagnostic tests allow the teacher to identify the errors of the struggling reader and choose the appropriate teaching pathway.

The Teaching Materials are designed to support both the teacher and the learner every step of the way. They are flexible enough to adapt to different levels of learning, providing all the necessary interactive cards and worksheets to teach accurate reading and spelling.

We have provided example pages from the Teaching Materials below. These interactive worksheets support hands-on teaching.

More in this section:

SRS is flexible and can be adapted to different Catch-Up ‘Learner Types’

Approximate time spent teaching the Catch-Up Beginner Learner & the Catch-Up 1 Learner

Key 1

A sound represented by one letter

Sound Reading System Key 1

Key 2

A sound is represented by two letters

Sound Reading System Key 2

Key 3

A sound represented by more than one spelling

Sound Reading System Key 4

Key 4

A spelling represented by more than one sound

Sound Reading System Key 3

Examples of Cardstock Teaching Materials

This shows letter tiles for building words and reading cards.

Key 1

The Word Puzzles
Building words with Letter Tiles

Key 1Word puzzles#
The learner builds the word, sound by sound and
writes the word, sound by sound, letter by letter.
Reading the Words on Reading Cards
learner reads the whole word sound by sound
The learner reads the whole word sound by sound.

Key 2

Reading the sound /sh/

The learner reads the cards and identifies the spelling for the sound /sh/: ‘sh’

Key 3

Reading the sound /ee/: 5 different spellings

The learner reads the words, identifies the spelling and
sorts the words into the correct spelling column.

The cards are used for the activity, Spell Sorting:

e          ee           ea             y             ey

me       tree      team         sunny     key

sh    green    dream       happy     donkey

Key 4

The ‘ea’ spelling has 3 sounds: Sound Sorting

The learner reads the words, tries the different sounds
and finds the ‘real word’

The cards are used for the activity, Sound Sorting:

/ee/              /e/                /a-e/

team            bread            great

dream            head            break