Teaching in Simple Logical Steps

Developed for teachers and parents to enable beginners and struggling readers to unlock the English spelling code, in simple logical steps that promote understanding.

Year 1 Children’s Written Work

These three boys were in Year1 in a London Primary School and all of them were in Reception together the previous year. In September 2007 their teacher gave them a piece of class work. She asked them to write about their holiday (Ebed) or to describe the captions (Harry and Zach). These pieces of written work were kept as reference pieces. In January 2008 their teacher, now trained in SRS, introduced SRS to her class. In June 2008 she set the class another piece of class work: to write what happened on a dark and stormy night. She wrote on the board ‘On a dark and stormy night…’ and the children told their own stories with access to no further spellings. It is worth noting that Ebed wears hearing aids in both ears and has 6 siblings. You can see Ebed writing his /aw/ sound dictation in the video clip.




Reception Children

  • Make words: ant, mat, pan
  • Work with double letters: bell, huff, fuss
  • Learning /ng/: song, ring, sang