Unlocking the Code is the Key to Reading Success

The key to unlock the puzzle of the English Alphabet Code empowers teachers to teach and children & learners of any age to reach their true reading potential

What does the Sound Reading System do?

The SRS has been developed to stand simply as a means to an end. The basic building blocks of reading are the ability to decode. Reading is a vastly wider subject that involves the reader at different levels. These are ‘higher order reading skills’ which, it may be suggested, continue over a life time. If a child–or an adult–cannot read at the simplest level he/she is excluded from the entire world of reading.

  • SRS is a high quality systematic phonic programme and teaches the entire alphabet code in logical, incremental steps;
  • Absolutely fits the evidence-based principles for a synthetic phonics programme and never mixes methods;
  • Designed for the teaching of discrete, daily sessions, progressing from simple to more complex phonic knowledge;
  • Inexpensive training and materials;
  • Suitable for all age groups;
  • Designed to be completely multi-sensory and ‘brain-friendly’ (it works with the memory);
  • Enables children to learn using simultaneous visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities;
  • Evolves into a clear and efficient spelling programme and enables learners progress to be assessed;
  • It is unique for the way it organises the alphabet code and teaches variant spellings of a single sound simultaneously;
  • Fully scripted, so straying from the methodology shouldn’t occur;
  • Contains no ineffective and time wasting practices or procedures;
  • Works fast because it is simple and the learner understands;
  • Can be used by any fully literate person who has received training;
  • Tried, tested and proven effective in all situations; 1-1, classroom, FE colleges, Academies, YOIs;
  • Suitable even for those with severe literacy challenges, e.g ‘dyslexia’.

It is simple to teach and simple to learn so it works very fast: catch-up learners often make significant  progress in a few hours of tuition (12-18 hours for some, but for many young adults who get the ‘hang of it’, 10 hours of teaching may move their Reading Age 2-3 years). All learners gain significantly in confidence. It can be adapted to teach beginner readers or ‘catch up’ learners of all ages. In multi-cultural Britain a straightforward phonic approach works well with ESL children.